General Overseer's  July Encouragement

Dear IFCA Family,

Greetings in the Majestic Name of our God!

Once again, I'd like to begin this letter by reiterating what God told Moses just as he turned to go down

the mountain, Make sure that you build all things "according to the pattern shown thee in the mount." 

And why does God tell Moses this? 

It's because everything about this tabernacle or God's dwelling place is by his design. From the couplings, to the curtains, to the instruments and sacrifices; everything about that Old Testament tabernacle had to be completed exactly as God had shown him.

The same thing is true, however, when it comes to the church. This is why Paul warns us in I Corinthians 3 to "Take heed how we build thereupon." Simply put, we are not at liberty to build God's church any way we want, we must build it per his design. And there is no greater evidence to this truth than the five pieces of furniture that one would encounter upon entering that temple. As we discovered last time, the first piece of furniture that one would come to is the brazen alter. And what does this piece of furniture represent to us today? It represents the doctrine or teaching of


Again, apart from repentance there is no good news of salvation. It's the message that John proclaimed as he introduced Jesus, it's the message that Jesus and the disciples proclaimed as they went preaching from town to town and it's the message that needs to resound from our pulpits today.

As Jesus himself said, "Except ye repent, you will all likewise perish." Now the second piece of furniture that one encountered upon entering the tabernacle was the brazen laver. It was that large bowl of water that the priests would come to wash themselves right after making a sacrifice. And what does this laver represent for us today? It represents the doctrine of sanctification or being set apart as unto the Lord. In fact, what's really incredible to me is that it was only after coming to this piece of furniture that the priests could enter the inner court to perform or fulfill their priestly service to the Lord. Apart from this washing, they were unfit to do so. 

Well I wonder, could this be something that's hampering the effectiveness of the church today? 

In closing, l want to remind you that even Jesus' washed himself at this laver. It's found in John 17:19, "And for their sakes l sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth." ln other

words, nothing gave more strength or credibility to Jesus ministry like sanctification. Well let me ask, what is the strength of your ministry? Furthermore, can you say like Jesus, "The prince of this world

comes and has nothing (no foothold or access) in me?" 


Bro Rick George

IFCA General Overseer

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