Overseer's Message

October 18, 2019


Dear Fellow-Credential Holders,


     I trust that this letter finds you all in good health and enjoying the rich favor of our gracious Father as He continues to anoint and guide each of us by His Holy Spirit. 

      Connie and I are blessed to report that all is well here in beautiful Greenville, Pennsylvania, even though the weather has turned much cooler in this last week or so.  God has been gracious to us since the convention and we have been kept busy preaching and bragging about Jesus and His great sacrifice made on behalf of the human race.


     The purpose for my writing at this time is to be able to thank you all sincerely for the wonderful opportunity we were afforded over this last thirteen years to serve you as General Overseer.  Although we were disappointed at the outcome of the elections at convention, we want to assure you all that we have accepted the results as the will of God for our lives and for the IFCA.  We happily and readily accept the appointment of Rev. Rick George as the interim General Overseer until the next election in 2021.  It will be our privilege and honour to help him transition into the office of General Overseer as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.  Connie and I have been praying for Brother Rick and Sister Robin ever since the decision was made by the executive board.  We want you all to know that we are grateful to God and to the constituency of the IFCA for the marvelous privilege we enjoyed in serving you all.  Be assured of our love and support for each of you in the coming years.


    Please remember, we are not hanging up our shingle, since God is not finished with us yet.  It is our desire to be a blessing to our churches and the kingdom at large wherever the opportunity arises.  So feel free to give us a call if there is a need for our type of ministry or if we can be a blessing to you and your fellowship.


    Our address is 11 Bessemer St, Greenville, PA 16125 and our postal address is P.O. Box 579, Greenville, PA 16125.  My cell # is 617-584-9165 and Connie‚Äôs is 617-331-8153 and our email address is mikeconplayer@aol.com.  Please feel free to contact us if or when the need arises.


    We will be departing for our annual South African visit on November the 13th.  When we arrive in South Africa, it will be our privilege to officiate at the memorial service of my late brother-in-law, Tjaart and my darling sister, Ingrid, on the 16th November down in Kwa-Zulu-Natal.  We are planning to spend Christmas with our children and extended family on the South Coast and we will return to Montreal (from where we embarked our journey) on the 28th December.  We have been invited to speak at one of our French sister churches on the 29th and then, we will travel to the Boston area to be with our family for the New Year.


     Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and we will continue to do the same for you all, wherever we might be or end up.  God bless you all during the upcoming holiday season.  May God grant you great blessings and effectiveness in all your endeavors.  Once again thank you for everything!


Yours in His Service,


Mike and Connie Player